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      Chongqing New High-end R&D Institution

      Chongqing Gonggangzhihui Additive Manufacturing Technology Research Institute Co., LTD. is a Chongqing New High-end R&D Institution approved by Chongqing Science and Technology Bureau. The institute focuses on research and development, introduction, incubation and application promotion of innovation technology mainly in the two fields of advanced manufacturing and biomedical, with deep integration of the advantageous resources of well-known universities at home and abroad, 3D printing hardware industry leading enterprises and 3D printing application industry leading enterprises,creating a co-built, shared and symbiotic intelligent industry ecological innovation platform with combination of industrial R&D chain, Industrial agglomeration chain and industrial service chain, building an intelligent industry ecosystem that takes root in Chongqing and radiates the whole country.

      • Incubation Plan

        Incubation requirement: Technical talents, teams and start-up companies with technological R&D capabilities and core technologies in the advanced manufacturing and biomedical fields.

        Incubation model:

               Joint R&D: You have a technology, I can incubate.
               Investment cooperation: You have a project, I can incubate.
               Shareholding incubation: You have a team, I can incubate.
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